waterproofing your swimming pool
When constructing your swimming pool you need waterproofing materials that can withstand both positive and negative hydrostatic pressure. Waterproofing your swimming pool is important for new and old swimming pools. Below are the step by step processes to undertake. Cast concrete Cast your concrete with either crystalline waterproofing admixtures (Armorkim Admix 500 & 600) non-crystalline
Spray foam insulation is beneficial in commercial & industrial settings owing to its numerous advantages. Most people because of the cost of spray foam insulation, don’t get to see the benefits of using it. The cost of spray foam insulation sometimes scares people away from seeing the benefits of using spray foam insulation in the
leaking basement and how to resolve it
Do you have a leaky basement? Leaking basement can be a terrible experience on a project. Leaking basements often times are as a result of a number of factors such as poor product specification, wrong construction practice etc. When general waterproofing or water repellent admixtures are specified for basement in areas subject to high hydrostatic
Causes water leakages
Mechanical damage causes water leakage Most times, before the application of cementitious waterproofing, polyurethane waterproofing or bitumen waterproofing careful considerations may not be given to the equipment that would be installed such as AC, Chillers, DSTV etc. And so they end up drilling holes, damaging/breaking through these membranes to install these equipment thereby causing leakages.
The right tiling solution can be important to the success of your tiling insulations and placements. The traditional tiling approach in Nigeria and most part of Africa is the regular sand and cement mix, however this approach can only work for porous tiles. When installing vitrified tiles, stones and non porous high decorative class tiles
Basement waterproofing can be a messy and frustrating affair. This article attempts to look at the approach specifiers and consultants adopts to reduce the risk of basement leakages. The traditional approach to basement waterproofing involves both the use of polystyrene membrane bitumen membrane or cementitious membrane systems to prevent leakages. However because water is a
Often times after spending so much money on waterproofing systems and after completing the projects the inhabitants are faced with a lot of inconveniences because of leakages. These leakages can be quite destructive and costly. The loss and inconveniencies often times cannot be quantified; this can give specifiers and consultants sleepless night. Below are few
waterproofing for below grade
It is not enough to use waterproofing admixtures without waterstops, your waterproofing is not 100% complete. Using waterstops ensures that the joints are 100% protected. Below grade concrete structures are likely to have ingress of water in its joints. So to stop this from happening we recommend you use Armor PVC stop, Armor swellable waterstop.
A bad bathroom waterproofing or lack of waterproofing can be a nightmare. It can destroy interior decorations and in worst case cause a huge mess to the inhabitants of already completed projects. Majority of people will tile or repaint the toilet walls or redo the plasterboards while renovating their bathrooms as a way of reducing