AQUASEAL 200 is an anti-crack integral highly concentrated powder waterproofing admixture for concrete, mortar and plaster.  AQUASEAL 200 helps to repel water absorption of hardened concrete and reduce the formation of surface efflourescence. AQUASEAL 200 provides excellent resistance to moisture, wind and rain according to ASTME 514


  • It protects structure against water penetration and water damage for a long time.
  • Increases resistance to weathering, such as wetting and drying and freeze-thaw cycle.
  • Reduced primary and secondary efflorescence on structures
  • Reduces water absorption rate
  • Reduce the probability of corrosion of steel reinforced concrete
  • Protection against de-icing salts
  • Protection against chloride ion and ASR attack


  • Aquaseal 200 is particularly suited to concrete mortar and plaster requiring waterproofing against chemical attack, weathering etc
  • Aquaseal 200 is suitable for all concrete work requiring protection such as foundation, precast elements, concrete for structures below ground etc.


20kg buckets


12 months.


Use Aquaseal 200 at a dosage range of 1% of cement mass



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