ARMORSEALER-50 – is a multipurpose water acrylic and water-resistant sealer formulated to seal concrete, masonry, brick, pavers and stucco surface. It has impressive water repellency effect thereby protecting concrete from grease, oil, salt, gasoline, UV rays and other harmful chemicals. ARMORSEALER- 50 does not change the appearance of the substrate.



ARMORTOP 300 HD – is a liquid ready to use concrete floor densifier, hardener and dustproofer. It is odourless and VOC compliant. ARMORTOP 300 HD penetrates into the concrete surface, starting a chemical reaction that fills in the pores of the concrete, producing a substantially densier concrete with improved durability and improved dust proofing properties.


ARMORTOP 300 HD is recommended for use in old and new concrete, where chemical resistant, dustproofed and improved abrasion resistant surfaces are required such as:

  • Factory and industrial floor areas        
  • Warehouses and storage Silos
  • Car parks and packing structures
  • Food processing plants
  • Gas and Petrol Stations
  • Airports and Stadiums etc


  • Provides improved chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Dustproofs and colourless.  
  • Penetrates deeply into concrete thereby densifying and preventing of harmful chemical
  • It is ready to use and easy to apply.
  • Provides anti scratch surface that won’t discolour
  • VOC compliant


Surface Preparations:

The surface must be clean, free from loose particles, laitance, grease, wax, dirts and all foreign materials before application % by weight of cement. Consult with ARMORSIL’s Technical Department for assistance in verifying the appropriate dosage rate and for further information regarding enhanced chemical resistance and optimum concrete performance for your project.

Application Instruction:

Material must be stirred well before application. Apply directly in undiluted form to the concrete in ratio of 5-6 square metre per litre. Note that consumption also depend on surface porosity.  Material can be applied with sprayer, squeegee or broom.

Ensure all concrete surface is saturated for about 30- 60 mins with Armortop. In hot weather surfaces may need to be continuous saturated to prevent evaporation before penetration.

In order to ensure that material penetrates deeply and quickly ARMORTOP 300 HD can be worked into the concrete with a broom or mechanical scrubber


After application, wait till surface becomes jelly or slippery, thoroughly flush the surface with water and scrub with brooms. Failure to properly saturate with water and remove the excesses may lead to unsightly white patches, this will not though affect the performance.


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