ARMORTOP-HD100 is a hard-wearing, factory blended ready to use cementitious system with a blend of 100 % pure emery -tuff and special fillers that hardens freshly poured concrete. It is typically applied as a dry shake over freshly placed concrete in industrial, commercial, Loading bays, Factories, Warehouse, Car Park, Trucking Lanes, Workshops, Garages, Subways, Power Stations & Abattoirs.

ARMORTOP-HD100 is non-corrosive and can be used inside and outside and offers a superior alternative to metallic floor hardeners. ARMORTOP-HD100 will provide harder, denser and more abrasion resistant floor.


ARMORTRANS is transparent aliphatic polyurethane based, one component liquid membrane which cures with humidity in the atmosphere. It produces a durable but highly elastic membrane with strong adhesion to many types of surfaces. ARMORTRANS can be applied on tiled surfaces, metal surfaces and wooden surface

AMORTRANS waterproofs mineral surfaces against water penetration, chemical attack, it is UV-stable and non-yellowing


  • Excellent UV resistance.
  • Being aliphatic, it does not yellow/discolour when exposed to sunlight.
  • Simple application (roller or airless spray).
  • When applied forms seamless membrane without joints.
  • Provides water vapor permeability, so the surface can breathe.
  • Maintains its mechanical properties over a temperature span of -30 ·c to +90 ·c Provides excellent adhesion to almost any type of surface.
  • High strength and puncture resistance and can adhere to almost any type of surface
  • When applied it is joint less and no complicated detailing, therefore application is simple
  • The waterproofed surface can be used for domestic, public pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • Provides water vapor permeability, so the surface can breathe.
  • Resistant to detergent, oil and other domestic chemicals


ARMORTRANS can be used for restoration and waterproofing of the following areas:

  • Transparent waterproofing of balconies, natural stone and tiled surfaces
  • Transparent waterproofing of glass and skylight
  • When applied it forms seamless membrane without joint
  • Provides water vapor permeability, so the surface can breathe.
  • Maintains its mechanical properties over a temperature span of -30 ·c to +90 ·c



Please note that proper surface preparation is essential to the success of AMORTRANS application. The surface must to be clean, dry and sound, free of any lose particles, dirts and contaminations which may affect AMORTRANS capacity to adhere effectively to substrate.

The tiled, wood or other surfaces for which AMORTRANS is to be applied must be dried and free from moisture. Maximum moisture content should not exceed 5%. New concrete structures need to dry for at least 28 days. Old coatings, dirt, fats, oils, organic substances and dust need to be removed.

Do not apply the ARMORTRANS on ceramic surfaces with ascending nitric salts in the joints, without suitable pre-treatment. Do not apply the on surfaces treated in the past with active silane, siloxane, silicon or other water-repellents, because of expected poor adhesion. We recommend an adhesion test, if circumstances and surface history are not clear.

Please note that appropriate cleaning equipment such as high pressure washer, scrappers, grinders etc should be used to remove oil, grease and wax contaminants, cement laitance, loose particles, mould release agents must be removed. Fill surface irregularities with the necessary product.


Priming: Apply the primer ARMOR TILE PRIMER for Prime(activate) non-absorbent glazed surfaces, like glazed ceramic tiles, glass and glass bricks by soaking a clean and dry cloth and must be sure that not leave any untreated spots.

Pour the ARMORTRANS coating onto the primed surface and lay it out by roller or by suitable teeth trowel, until all surfaces are covered. After priming and first application, in 24 hours apply a second and third layer of the ARMORTRANS coating, by using roller or brush.



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