HYDROPLAST-100 is a high performance, liquid, water-reducing “plasticizer” admixture formulated to improve workability, reduce permeability and improve durability.  Once incorporated in the mix, HYDROPLAST-100 is adsorbed on the cement particles‘surface inducing a powerful deflocculating property, effectively reducing the concrete mixing water demand and improving physical and mechanical properties of the resultant concrete. HYDROPLAST-100 is based on a blend of SNF and organic modifiers designed with the main purpose of reducing workability loss.


HYDROPLAST-50 is a high performance, liquid, water-reducing “plasticizer” admixture formulated to improve the cohesiveness of wet and semi-dry mortar and concrete used for masonry block making and paving stones. Once incorporated in the mix, HYDROPLAST-50 has excellent air entrainment properties which controls the amount of microscopic air bubbles and increase the cohesion of wet or dry mix mortar or concrete. It is specially researched for the manufacture of block and paving stones.

Primary Uses:

HYDROPLAST-50 is typically used to produce:

  • Block works
  • Interlocking Paving Stones
  • Paving slabs


  • Reduced mixing water while maintaining same workability.
  • Improves the early strength of block and paving stones.
  • Improved physical & mechanical properties.
  • Reduces permeability in mortar and increases durability
  • Improved cohesion, minimizes risk of segregation, bleeding and creep.


HYDROPLAST-50 is formulated to comply with all the requirements of:

  • ASTM C- 494, Type A
  • EN 943, Part 2, Tables 1 and 2



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