Armorsil West Africa | Waterproofing, Admixtures Construction Chemical in Nigeria

About Us

What we do

ARMORSIL West Africa is a subsidiary of ARMORSIL USA, a multinational manufacturer of specialty construction chemicals with a presence in United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey and several countries in Europe and the African continent. Our aim is to meet the increasing needs of modern construction while producing and promoting products of the latest technology at affordable prices.

At Armorsil, we sell solutions and not products. The idea is that we try to understand client’s needs, challenges and undertake research in our well-equipped laboratories to design products that match or resolve these problems.

  • Construction Chemicals – Broad product technology
  • Waterproofing Solutions – Polyurea & Polyurethane coatings, elastomers
  • Sealants & Adhesives – Silane modified polymers & marine sealants.
  • Insulation Systems – Industrial insulation jackets and blankets.
  • Flooring Systems – High-quality commercial and residential floor coverings
  • Concrete Decor – Decorative concrete in home & commercial construction.

Vision Statement

To be a global leader in Construction products by providing an innovative Sustainable Solution to the Construction Industry.

Mission Statement

To deliver high quality, cost effective and Sustainable Construction Chemical products that meets client's needs.

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