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Structural waterproofing refers to the act of waterproofing any structures. More specifically, it is a term applicable to any waterproofing construction project.

To have an ideal about structural waterproofing, it is necessary to get to know the basic materials that make up the building. A typical building is made from concrete, bricks, stones, and mortars. This kind of materials are composed of crystals of carbonate, silicate, aluminates, and oxides that have abundant oxygen atoms and hydroxyl groups. Cement is the main component of concrete. Concrete is formed by the chemical reaction between the cement and water. This chemical reaction is referred to as hydration. As a result of the hydration reaction, besides the silicate compounds that give the cement its hardness and strength, also calcium oxide components are formed. Calcium oxides protects the reinforcement from corrosion since the steel cannot corrode in a highly alkaline condition. Typically, concrete exhibits a pH above 12 because of the presence of calcium hydroxide.

Water is an essential element for the hydration reaction. The usage amount of water has a critical role in concrete performance. The strength of concrete increases when less water is used to make concrete. The presence of excess water in concrete reduces concrete performance. If the structure is not well protected from water, the structure will be damaged and degraded. When water comes in contact with concrete through its capillary gaps, the strength of concrete will be lost and the building will be susceptible to corrosion. Therefore, structural waterproofing is very essential.

As we all know, all parts of the building structures from the basements to roofs, such as walls, bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, garages, terraces, roofs, water tanks and swimming pools must be protected against water to ensure a durable building.

At Armorsil West Africa, we offer various ranges of solutions that can be used to protect every part of your structure. Our solutions include:

  • Concrete admixtures
  • Waterproofing admixtures
  • Waterproofing coating and membrane
  • Tiling solutions
  • Flooring solutions
  • Repair & bonding agent etc

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