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Historic event – how ARMORSIL helped to change the world

Historic event – how ARMORSIL helped to change the world

Today is the day that we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Armorsil – and it’s fair to say that we’re bursting with pride to have reached our half-century.

In 1969, the world was a very different place: the Beatles played their last live performance, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon, and cutting-edge inventions included the world’s first quartz watch. While industrial flooring wasn’t front of mind for most of the human race, we were busy changing the world in our own way starting from Africa.

Never outdated, never superseded

Technology has moved on at a pace that no one could have predicted – but the flooring we patented in 1969 to stand the test of time continues to outlive many inventions that have been fast superseded. While many competing systems have fallen by the wayside as their performance became unacceptable, Armorsil has successfully met changing needs.

We created a product with inbuilt long life, and we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved. Manufacturers and organizations across the globe trust us to provide them with a literal base for their success.

We’ve grown from humble beginning to global market leader. Armorsil is sold and supported in 93 countries, and 5 million square metres of our flooring were installed last year alone – that’s the equivalent of 700 football pitches! Our business is still growing year on year, which is undeniably a remarkable achievement for such a long-established product.

A system that endures

As I reflect on 30 years working with this incredible enduring flooring, it’s both amazing and gratifying to think that more and more customers are finding it to be the right solution: sustainable and ecologically credible because it simply doesn’t fail. There are
Armorsil floors still in service after 35 years of heavy use in manufacturing plants – which is astounding when you think of the amount of people, machinery and chemicals that they come into contact with every day.

Here today, and tomorrow

Armorsil’s relentless progress means we’re still here, and if there’s one thing you can be sure of in our fast-moving world, there will continue to be Armorsil floors in another 50 years’ time. Next time you stand on an Armorsil floor, we hope that you’ll look down and feel the same sense of proud history that we do.

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